Kalide, Outr3ach, Evix
December (feat Bianca, Nick Summerfield)

You would think having five acts on one song would be a logistical creative nightmare. That wasn’t the case at all with “December” from Kalide, Outr3ach, Evix, Bianca and Nick Summerfield. Granted you have a few producers and a couple singers, but man, these chefs meshed well in the kitchen and cooked up a hot one.

As far as the more melodic side of future bass goes, this one is super solid. In utilizing a duet between Nick and Bianca, it really sets a powerful tone to the song that continues to soar through the drop. You feel the synths rise as they flutter through the mix. There’s a lot of stale future bass out there and this isn’t in that lot. Get your copy today.

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