Whatcha On ft. Joelle James And Tay Jasper

One girl who is making a lot of noise, exceptional noise at that, is Venessa Michaels. She’s swayed many already with her last single “Touch Me” and her newest track, “Whatcha On,” is yet another terrific tune. Collaborators on the song are vocalists Joelle James and Tay Jasper who make a delectable duo in this jam. Venessa’s production is a deep future bass concoction that is a must have for all Spring/Summer playlists. All the good vibes this gives off is represented in the below music video that is accompanying the single. “Whatcha On” was released for free, so hop on the download. Lookout for more from this Los Angeles angel who is quickly becoming one of the prominent underground artists in both her area and on the web. It’s only a matter of time before she’s a name that’s on everybody’s minds.

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