Rae Sremmurd
No Type (PatrickReza Remix) (Free Download)

Yes, there was a point in time where we made the call to never post another Rae Sremmurd original or subsequent remix. Since we try to keep thing all sunshine and unicorns with our reviews, we won’t get into the reasoning, but we’re pretty sure you can guess why.

We’ve been long time fans of Patrick Reza, and the only reason why we checked it out is because of that long-time adoration. We’ll be honest, up until the 1:00 minute mark, it was definitely going to be a “no” from us. Then the drop came.

Patrick Reza is trying out some new sounds, and they’re pretty damn impressive. Taking a departure from his usual bass-heavy dubstep style, Reza has crafted a tune that boasts a happy medium between future house, trap, and dubstep at a heart-pounding 128 BPM. This is new look and feel for him and his brand, but he still leaves little breadcrumbs throughout that bring us back to those razor sharp sounds he drew us in with so many years ago.

Pick up this gem from Patrick on his Facebook page for three easy payments of free-ninety-nine.

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