KRNE X TastyTreat

After coming across TastyTreat (now a TMN favorite), we couldn’t help but Say Yes to their last release in the form of a premiere. John Smith and Devin Hardy have become two of the tastiest producers in the realm of Future Bass and R&B. Notorious for making sexually pleasing beats and tummy tingling sensations, TastyTreat is back yet again with a new original, “Clouds”, alongside Oakland bae, KRNE. Loaded with 2 tablespoons of some sugary synths, 1 and half cups of chopped beats, mixed together in in a heaping bowl of delicious bass, “Clouds” is smouldering in a pot of 130 bpm goodness. If you’re struggling with an afternoon sweet tooth, then TastyTreat and KRNE are bound to satisfy that craving with the press of a button. This is where the cookie crumbles, so grab your free download and munch on some tasty beats.

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