Known for putting out dope remixes, Luca Lush has been one of our favorites for quite some time. The producer surprised us once again with his first ever original titled “I Can Tell”. The tune starts off with a house beat and Luca’s very own altered vocals, which are featured in different variations throughout the song. A series of delicate keys follow and would eventually turn into a melodic chord progression. Following the trend of his “Tell Me” remix, the sax comes in and seals the deal towards the end of the track. These crafty maneuvers and fitting samples make for an incredible track, and it goes to showcase Luca’s colorful palette.

Luca Lush is really going all out with this one, as we’ll be expecting big moves from him. “I Can Tell” is available as a free download, so make sure to grab it and hop on the Lush train!

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