OD Ft Duncan (Original Mix)

We already showed this Colorado collaboration some love in last week’s Sunday Night Soul, but we felt like “OD” deserved a post on its own.

Coming out a few days ago, this infectious and energetic future R&B tune not only showcases Vinnie’s ability to aptly produce multiple types of genres, but it also provides a glimpse into the stunning vocals from up-and-coming singer/songwriter Duncan. Seemingly made for each other, the soaring synths and playful bassline pair perfectly with the fluctuating vocal range. The tune doesn’t take itself too seriously, allowing the listener to grin and have some fun with it, which only adds to the entire experience.

This tune can be purchased here, with the majority of the proceeds going to benefit childhood education around the world. There’s also a chance to win a very limited edition “OD” tee as well, which carries the cover art across the chest. When asked why they decided to partner up with this cause, the two had this to say:

We were so fortunate to have been provided with the opportunity of having great teachers, schools, and parents, without them we wouldn’t be able to follow our passion for music.

Children are our future, anything we can do to help them succeed should be a top priority for our society!

Click here, or on the impact timeline below to contribute to this very worthy cause.

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