The M Machine
Don't Speak (Manila Killa Remix)

Only a few months ago, The M Machine released their Just Like EP, which contains some ridiculously intense tracks. One of the five tracks on the EP, “Don’t Speak,” recently got the remix treatment. The artist? None other than Manila Killa. If you’re a little thrown off guard by this, you aren’t the only one. Considering the huge contrast between both of their typical sounds, we were more than eager to check it out.

The result was a pleasant shock to our ears, and we knew we had to share it with all of you. Within the first twenty seconds, listeners are introduced to a sweet melody that fits the tune so well, that it’s easy to mistake the remix for the original. Soon after, this melody is joined by a beat that you’ll unquestionably find yourself tapping your foot to. Manila then switches it up with a section that resembles the dirty style of The M Machine.

The remix exercises Manila Killa’s skills by merging his signature, laid-back production with the hard, dark sounds of the M Machine, and demonstrates his versatility as an artist. As a result of his dope abilities, he generates one hell of an irresistible track.

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