TV Noise Ft. Jessame
Think (Sean Turk Remix)

New York’s Sean Turk managed to put together an official remix for TV Noise‘s single “Think” that features vocalist Jessame. This isn’t the first time Sean has worked with a vocal from Jessame as the two acts came together on a previous remix several months ago.

Sean’s take on “Think” got backed by Spinnin’ Records as an official remix, which you’ll see why once you hit play on the song. We’re met with what his camp is calling ‘Bedroom Bass,’ a brand of future that has a hint of funk in that makes it extra groovy. It’s chill, fun and mesmerizing. Sean did an incredible job in taking on this song, making it his own and impressing the the label that pushed the original. They couldn’t pass on it, and we couldn’t either. Get your copy today for free.

I spent a long time working on perfecting my craft and to look back at what we have done in 8 months is just insane. We have a long way to go and some ambitious goals, but we are ready to work to make them a reality. Thank you to every single person who has been supporting so far, I truly appreciate all of you. Y’all are dope! Oh, by the way, this isn’t the only Spinnin’ Records release happening this year.
– Sean Turk

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