Vanic X Major Lazer X WildBelle
Be Together

Everyone has those artists; the ones in which the second you receive word of a new release, are on top of it like white on rice. Of course, not everyone shares this strong adoration for the same artists, but in few cases, there are exceptions. These exceptions are those artists who put out music that, no matter what your musical taste buds fancy, is ubiquitously appealing.

Vanic has created exactly that reputation for himself. From “Circles” to “Borderline,” his music is undisputedly fantastic. So naturally, when we got wind of his latest project, “Be Together 2.0,” a rendition of Major Lazer and Wild Belle’s original “Be Together,” we were brimming with excitement. In this case though, “excitement” doesn’t quite cut it.

As many of you know, Vanic has a signature way of remixing music, and when we say “remixing,” we really mean entirely reconstructing a song with self-produced synths and the insertion of a brand new, self-written melody. With that said, “Be Together 2.0” is a breathtaking synthesis of passion, beauty, and vitality. It grabs your emotions with an inescapable hold, and once its musical grasp releases you, you are left feeling as if the wind was knocked out of you.

In case this release wasn’t already enough to get your blood pumping, though pretty doubtful, maybe the news of his upcoming tour will. Come July 16th, Vanic will be making his U.S. debut in Sacramento, and following this with shows in locations such as Denver, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Before you all go and start typing the words “Vanic tour,” into the search bar, make it a little easier for yourselves and click on this direct link. Go ahead, grab your tickets, and amp yourselves up with the latest tune.

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