Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

It’s become increasingly infrequent for a tune from NYC based house & disco benders The Golden Pony not to move us in some type of way. Whether it’s their deeper, disco leaning classic reworks, future-tipping joints or heated originals, our favorite afro-sporting duo never fail to pull a wry smile and rocking hip-wiggle from seemingly everyone who comes into contact with their accessible blueprint of underground house reverberations. Most recently, the boys have taken Trop-House Prince Kygo’s “Nothing Left” into their end of niche dance groove, and yet again we’re more than locked into what they’ve come up with. Riffing on those plucky metallic signature Kygo keys, TGP’s version slathers on a rumbling low-end and revs up the vocal cadence to a pace more in line with their club-first sonority, resulting in a tune that fits perfectly into The Golden Pony’s repertoire while staying true to Kygo’s original stems. Go ahead and try not to bounce to this one.

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