Big Boi
Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch X Tendra Remix)

The L.A. king of housey hip-wiggle Dr. Fresch has tickled our dance fancy through a multitude of niche and underground sub-genres over the past few years; from his self-titled EP, to gleaming remixes of artists as varied as Nelly Furtado, Snoop Dogg, and No Doubt; but the aurally bending dance maestro’s work within the realm of modern day G-House remains our favorite wrinkle in Dr. Frech’s production game.  Today, Dr. Fresch has teamed up with newcomer Tendra to take on Big Boi’s 2005 Purple Ribbon All-Star collab “Kryptonite” and it’s got us all twerked up around the monitors. Musically, the pair seem to coalesce as superbly as PB& J, using a perfectly swung analog bass line and Big Boi’s pitched down vocal stem to maintain the stylistic aesthetic of the original while simultaneously transporting it to another end of the club spectrum completely. When we pressed the pair a bit more about their joint remix, Tendra gave us quite the juicy little story: “Earlier this Summer, I was playing Blackjack with Big Boi at a Casino after Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and cashed out huge. I landed back in LA, told Dr. Fresch the story, and we decided to get working on the remix – I had to show Big Boi some love for filling my pockets with stacks.”  While we may not quite be cool enough to stack our chips with Big Boi, this remix of “Kryptonite” surely is. Dr. Fresch and Tendra have offered an outstanding Tuesday pick-me-up, so put on your dancing shoes, grab the free download here, and let’s work it out.

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