Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is truly an international affair. Linking up NYC rapper Shamon Cassette and two new Irish producers, The Supreme and Fono, this burgeoning group just released their debut, “Booshie,” and it’s probably going to be the most catchy tune you’ll hear this week. They’ve already developed a clean cut sound, which isn’t surprising considering they’re a new signing to Different Recordings, who boast acts like Tiga and Crystal Castles (Still miss them).

“Booshie” is filled to the brim with swagger, from the laidback bars of Shamon to the constant shifting of house stylings of the production, courtesy of the Irish duo. There’s an undeniable quality on this tune that makes your head bob involuntarily every time, and whatever it is, it’s working. Hopefully Bon Voyage has plenty more in store, because we’ll be eagerly waiting for it.

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