The Otherside (HVNS Remix)

Koreatown’s GHOST LOFT will soon be releasing a new EP, Chocolate Haze, next month. On that EP is a single called “The Otherside,” which has gotten a musical makeover from the Japanese producer HVNS. The Music Ninja is premiering the single to you today as a pre-release treat to sink your ears into.

HVNS, who is also one-half of CLVBS, brought forth a smashing future flip of “The Otherside.” You’d be surprised the guy who made this has less than 2,000 Facebook fans and less than 5,000 Soundcloud followers. Let’s just say, if Flume released this, it would have blown up in an instant.

Instead, it’s a gem that holds a similar qualitative standard to work from the top tier producers of this sound like the aforementioned ARIA award winner. HVNS has quickly jumped on our radar as someone to keep our eyes on after hearing what he did to the GHOST LOFT original. In rummaging through his Soundcloud – this dude has got mad talent.

Keep an eye out for Chocolate Haze in June, which will not only feature “The Otherside,” but “Overflow,” “The Rolling Man,” and “Phonograph,” as well.

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