Jon Bonus x Kid Astronaut
The One

Even though the days are becoming shorter, the nights a little cooler, and the leaves a little less green, Denver-based Jon Bonus and Kid Astronaut are giving us a lasting impression of summer with their new tune, “The One.”

This end-of-season, laid back, melodic house jam is crafted by producer Jon Bonus, and features love-laced lyrics from Kid Astronaut. While it’s a groovy tune that’s sure to kick off your week properly, it’s also set on doing something more than just listening enjoyment.

Released exclusively with Cadence & Cause, proceeds from “The One” will go to provide clean drinking water in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti. In addition to selling their song to help those in need, they’re also offering up a chance to hang with them in the studio, and get a social media shoutout, all of which will help fund their campaign.

The ability to have clean natural resources is something that I believe most people can take for granted. Bonus and I wanted to share with the world our creativity and use this song to support the cause of getting clean water to individuals around the world. Our bodies + minds function from water; hopefully our listeners will not only be inspired by the music but want to support this amazing effort that will benefit our world as well. – Kid Astronaut

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