B.S.B. (Original Mix)

We don’t think things can get much harder than “B.S.B.” by Bro-Flex. Released on Adult Sounds, this heater jumps from hardstyle to trap with a whole lot of energy, as well as some comedic relief. “B.S.B” if you were wondering, stands for Bottle Service Bitches. You can imagine just where this track goes given the name.

This high-octane single is one of the best hardstyle tracks I have heard, then it moves into cut time, resulting in a strong hybrid sound that rivals some of the best producers out. It’s just wild. Bro-Flex not only trolls, but does so without being a douche, and while giving fans an opportunity to rage as hard as they possibly can. The artwork is awesome, and the song is even better. Check it out today and head over to Beatport to get a copy.

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