Haunted Hauses

It seems like this is the generation for people to strive for what they really want in life. Spending your free time working on your passion has become the rule these days, rather than the exception. That’s exactly what we’re showcasing today with Haunted Hauses. This Brooklyn based indie pop four piece began as a collective of friends including Leif Huckman (Ex Cops), Autry Fulbright (Trail of Dead) and Eric Rodgers (VHS or Beta). In between rehearsals and tours with their current bands, these fellas wrote and recorded songs in their spare time.

“Hunters” is the single from their upcoming debut EP. You can hear influences from all of the other projects these guys have been a part of, featuring a playful psych pop feel, with light fluttering synths. The large, tribal style drumming from Ian Longwell (producer and collaborator) creates a cinematic journey that effortlessly carries the powerful vocals.

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