Henry Fong & J-Trick
Scream (Original Mix)

Do you know what today is, ninjas? Well you better get ready to scream this one at the top of your lungs because it’s Friday and we’re just about ready to turn our weirdness levels up so high that we surpass any and all signs of normality. Kicking us out of our mundane weekly routines and into a 3 day mindset of poor decision-making are two artists that know how to take us 0 to 100 more than Drake. Seriously.

Los Angeles’, Henry Fong, and Australia’s J-Trick are both notorious for their impeccable DJing skills and genre-blending productions. The two decided to combine Big Room House with Melbourne Bounce in their new original collaboration, “Scream”. After its debut at Tomorrowland during Martin Garrix’s  epic performance, it was obvious that Henry Fong and J-Trick had created easily one of the most talked about songs of festival season. Bursting with Fong’s signature Big Room synth melodies and J-Tricks Melbourne Bounce-style breakdowns, “Scream” mixes together a variety of badass elements that ultimately make us wish we could rage our butts off like we did all Summer long. If you think you can go without screaming during this song, then you’re in for one helluva wake up call.

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