I’ve always thought of Brother Ali as the perfect combination between a preacher and a prize-fighting boxer. It might just be the name that’s established that association in my mind, but his music has definitely affirmed it.  With every new song he releases, he’s on a mission to deliver a message and shed light on a subject in a way many others would be afraid to.  And when he delivers those messages, he makes sure to throw in a few knockout punchlines to send you reeling back a bit and forcing you to rewind the track and play it again just to comprehend what he’s saying.

His newest cut, “Mourning in America,” which makes up half of the title of his new album, is no different.  The song itself revolves around violent atrocities and their prevalence in Western society.  It’s definitely some deep material, and worth a listen if you’re into more conscious hip-hop.  Once you get done listening to Ali’s newest single, make sure to head over to Rhymesayers and pre-order his new album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, out on Sept. 18th.

’Brother Ali – Mourning in America’
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