Daye Jack
Trapped In Love

At this point, it wouldn’t be fair to label Daye Jack simply a rapper. On his latest release, the multi-talented, Atlanta-bred artist shows once again that he’s an absolute creative force. “Trapped in Love” plays off the idea of the “trap,” normally used to refer to the inescapable cycle of drug-dealing for disadvantaged youth, applying the concept to a similarly constricting romance. The beat, crafted by Matthew Engst, combines 808-laden trap production with bouncy synths setting the tone for the simile. Meanwhile, Jack spits aggressive bars that reflect a trap delivery but, rather than speaking on hood experiences, recalls the feeling of getting caught up in love. Jack keeps the track dynamic and interesting through out alternating between a venomous, hard-hitting delivery and an airy crooning chorus. “Trapped in Love” truly pushes boundaries and will be featured on Jack’s forthcoming Soul Glitch, due out June 30th.

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