love at first sound
Overlooked To Overbooked

“Overlooked To Overbooked” is the brand new single from from one of hip-hop’s humblest creators, Love At First Sound. You don’t see a lot of rappers pushing tracks that pass the minute mark, and moreover, the ones that do you don’t see many of them actually holding your attention for that long. With LAFS, he manages to do so, and keep you wanting more.

“Overlooked To Overbooked” is exactly as it sounds, a tale of the underground artist dreaming for the days at the top. The instrumental is a simplistic collection of drums, piano and bass. The tasteful sound could easily be recreated for a live show that would go beyond simply having a DJ and a guy with a mic. With the vocals we get Love At First Sound’s one, two combination of rap and R&B style expressions. “Overlooked To Overbooked” as been independently released as a free download for fans to grab. There’s no download gate, all you need to do is click. It looks as though Love At First Sound is getting back on the horse in a big way with his project, so stay tuned for more.

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