I love this song.

Rihanna doesn’t sing the hook. In fact there isn’t a hook at all. There are very few variations on the initial beat and the sample (an amazing Disney-esque aria) just loops the entire song. The result is astounding. I’ve listened to other Blame One tracks before this one, and they don’t quite nail it like “It’s A Stick-Up” does. This track lives entirely on its great flow and stellar sample by producer Tranformerz.

The track pays tribute to a lot of hip hop icons without trivializing them. It is a grimy, un-quantized track that is made even more perfect by it’s imperfections… did I say I liked the song?

Blame One’s album “Endurance” came out on October 19th and is available on iTunes.

Blame One – It’s A Stick Up

’Blame One – Its A Stick Up’
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