Last week, we had the pleasure of presenting the first ever interview for the brand new house, tech & funk fueled collaboration between LA via NYC underground mainstay MANIK and Denver based tastemaker option4, 909 Til Infinity, and what better way to start off our Monday dance roll here at TMN than backing all of that chit-chat up with some tangible thumping music? 909 Til Infinity’s debut EP, Bee/Dee, dropped this past weekend on the Treasure Fingers helmed Psycho Disco Records, and it’s already been seeing an impressive amount of backing support.

Title track “Bee”, which saw a radio premiere on Friday via Episode 23 of Anna Lunoe’s ‘Beats 1’ radio show, leads things off with thickly grooved tech punch. The tune trots out to a quick start on top of a rolling booty-house bassline and only picks up steam from the permutated “BEE” vocal stabs and a choice cut of hip-hop cypher before falling into an effectively wobbled break, and bouncing back with even more authority. The extended-play’s B-Side “Dee” fits its side-2 billing perfectly. A more subdued, deep-tech cut, “Dee” takes its cues from a bit more of a techno stance. Darker, almost industrial atmospherics are synthetically crafted behind the crisp and cracking punch of snare, and muted sub-bass which lurchingly propels “Dee” forward into the kind of tune we’d expect to hear Dixon or Âme pull out during the peak of a 4-hour bender set and drive a crowd insane. With the first EP from 909 Til Infinity offering such a methodically crafted and rangy pair of tunes, we’re pretty excited to hear what else these two blokes have in store as a duo. For now, stream both “Bee” and “Dee” below, grab the EP for yourself, and check out our interview with them here.

’909 Til Infinity – Bee’
’909 Til Infinity – Dee’
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