Antony & Cleopatra
Take Me (Option4 Remix)

Fresh off a few shows out in Detroit, this Denver-based maestro of grooves-n-moves is on point with his release game. Looks like a four-day party in the Motor City couldn’t hold him back for long. This time around, he’s put a bouncy twist on “Take Me.”

Originally from Londoners Antony & Cleopatra, “Take Me” came out a little over a week ago. It features sonic, soaring synths, energetic lead piano melody, and breakbeat style percussion, all of which lend to it’s delectable and intriguing style. Now, reimagined by option4, 90’s style dance elements are infused with a steady four-to-the-floor beat and that iconic pitched up vocal sample from the original.

As we continue our march into the weekend, we’re continually on the hunt for new tunes to shake it to. Big ups to option4 for the Thursday addition.

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