Dream (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s always a treat when two of your favorites–in this particular case the trio that is Autograf and Swiss producer Sebastian Carter–come crashing together, and this time around, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The Autograf boys have been on what we music pundits like to call “a tear” as of late, racking up literal millions and millions of plays across listening platforms far and wide on seemingly every release, and their first original single “Dream” (released 5 months ago) may just have been the catalyst to that success. Of course, they couldn’t just leave those juicy stems alone without giving a handful of other adept artists a shot at molding them as well.

In stepped 21 year-old youngblood Sebastian Carter, certainly no stranger to TMN, and he’s dusted “Dream” with a signature blast of caressing house melody while maintaining the heart and soul of Autograf’s future-forward original. A penetrating yet muted four-four kick paces Carter’s revision while congruent, modal harmonies run aplenty on top of effected synth topline for a remix that plays as pristine as it is warm. We’d feel equally comfortable letting this one fly through our monitors whether in the middle of a jam-packed club floor, at our computer, or beach side with a mojito. So follow suit, and stream Sebastian Carter’s excellent “Dream” remix above.

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