Future Soup (ft. Patrick Baker)

Chicagoan trio Autograf just announced their forthcoming Future Soup EP, and teases us with the release of this title track. We’ll be the first to tell you how excited we are for this news, because they always kill it with their quality tunes. Following the success of their original “Metaphysical”, Autograf  keeps the ball rolling with this one. Featuring a deep bouncy bassline that will get you vibin’ like no other, “Future Soup” once again shows us just how versatile they are. Every release has been gold, and this one is no exception. Patrick Baker‘s vocals are memorable in a sense that we will all soon know to sing along to this awesome track. They make great use of future elements together with infectious melodies. These tunes are as catchy as they come.

And if you’re itching to catch these guys live, we have great news for you. Autograf is coming to a city near you on their Metaphysical Tour. Check out these tour dates below and don’t miss out on their show!

Metaphysical Tour 2016
02.05 | Sett | Madison, WI
02.06 | Miramar | Milwaukee
02.10 | Catalyst | Santa Cruz
02.11 | Soho | Santa Barbara
02.12 | 1015 | San Francisco
02.13 | Exchange | Los Angeles
02.17 | Q | Seattle
02.18 | MIA | Vancouver
02.19 | Euphoria | Portland
02.20 | Casbah | San Diego
02.25 | U St Hall | Washington DC
02.26 | Concord | Chicago
02.27 | Populux | Detroit
03.04 | Coda | Philadelphia
03.05 | Hoxton | Toronto
03.11 | Buku | New Orleans

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