Future Self

Romania’s Boehm is one of those producers that has released great song after great song. It seems that the streak won’t ever stop. He recently came out with a new song called “Future Self,” and we’re here to tell you it continues his streak.

“Future Self” is a pop-tinged house record that features the vocalist Melody Noel who, with one song, has jumped on our radar in a big way. Her performance in this song is beautiful; prepare to get some frisson while her voice soothes your ears. Good thing is, there’s more great components to this song that come from Boehm. He doesn’t let the vocal be the only thing that shines in this song as his instrumental is a home run. Highly melodic, “Future Self” is something you’ll be humming in your head until the end of the Summer for sure, and maybe until the end of the year. It’s one of those special records.

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