No Escape

Us ninjas love when there are new beginnings. We also love when those new beginnings start out strong with a solid first step, just like the newly formed Dirty Blends label has done. Their single “No Escape” by the Paris producer Dustycloud is just what house music needs to hear right now.

We must warn you, there is no escaping the desire to throw this one on repeat and just groove out for an hour. Dark, ominous, and immensely funky, “No Escape” is a club DJ’s dream track. Bustling basslines and rich atmospheres plague this production. It’s allure is like that of a black hole, once you’re close enough, you’re sucked in forever. Dustycloud just took over our radar with one single, and after going through his other tracks, we’re speechless. We’re also humbled by the fact that Dustycloud has given this jam out for free. So stream, and get to downloading.

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