Eko Zu
Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love (Medley)

Medleys done well always make for fun listens. Just take the remix/cover/medley extravaganza that Eko Zu created. Now if you don’t know the tracks involved, we’re sorry, you need to go back in time and experience them in the glory days. Today, “Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love” is one product that will ease your week.

Groovy, light-hearted and ever so seductive, the trio’s creation here is just the right thing needed to honor classics. Eko Zu take the songs and reformat them in a completely new fashion, making them fresh to the ears in such a way that it almost feels like their own original. It’s just over three minutes of excitement with a taste of nostalgia to take you back. Eko Zu’s single isn’t something that we’re used to seeing often, which makes it even sweeter.

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