Equal ft. Gary Jules
Lost In The Evening (Follow Me Remix)

If you have readily visited our site over the past year then you should be well aware that with each and every one of their subsequent releases, we here at TMN have become increasingly fond of the group known as Follow Me. When it comes to deep, sensual house music that makes you weak in the knees with nostalgia, very few can shake a stick at the Brooklyn duo. Their tropical flavored synths and pads translate into something much deeper than just another collection of harmonic sound waves. Their creations are emotive, hypnotic, and sophisticated. Their latest rendition, a remix of Equal‘s ‘Lost In The Evening’, dabbles at the interface of disco and house; transforming the original into a dazzling piece of art that will have you instantly bobbing your head in approval. As usual, the Brooklyn boys are giving this gem out for free so make sure to grab the free download and show them your gratitude by giving them a like on Facebook here! Enjoy.


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