Full Crate x Mar
Nobody Else (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s been a few months since we last checked in with Swiss producer Sebastian Carter, and while his busy output has slowed a bit, Carter’s work is no less impeccable than ever. Carter’s latest release finds the 20 year-old taking on Full Crate x Mar‘s “Nobody Else”. A sultry blend of PBR&B with a house backbone, Carter fuses enough of his own sonic vision into the tune as to let listener’s identify that luxuriant dance sound all through the lens of Full Crate x Mar’s original. Muted, melodic bass kicks and synth stabs waltz fluently around each other; resulting in a haunting, catchy, unique and accessible remix; and furthermore, rides a line that only a handful of dance producers would even dare attempt. This one comes as part of Full Crate x Mar’s Nobody Else EP which also comes with remixes from Nymfo and Hotel Garuda; and drops officially on January 11. Until then, get lost in Carter’s hypnotic house stylings above.

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