Great Good Fine OK
You're The One For Me (option4 remix)

option4, an artist with whom we’ve had the pleasure to showcase a few times and even premiere, has been augmenting his rapidly expanding fan base on the heels of a deep, party appropriate stable of house remixes and originals. Today however, the astute producer has shed another layer of production psyche, and turned to a sunnier, provocative sound on this latest rework of indie-pop outfit Great Good Fine OKs anthemic single “You’re the One For Me”. We weren’t sure how this one would translate to the dance floor, especially from such a unique artist like option4, but alas, our concerns were ultimately fruitless and the mark was hit directly on its bulls-eye. The tempo is pitched up slightly on option4’s rework, glossed with a very U.K. influenced shuffle and a punchy kick. Like most of his tracks thus far, option4’s remix of “You’re the One For Me” is being gifted to us Ninjas as a free download on his Soundcloud, so do your cochlear cavities a favor and plug into this one at some point today.

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