JAHKOY always manages to put out good music, no matter if it’s straight from his camp or by way of another. This time around it was by way of a remix from Digital Farm Animal, who absolutely crushed a flip of “Still In Love.” Their vibrant deep house take on it brings a fresh sound to a genre that’s not as hype as it once was. Digital Farm Animal are looking to change that here.

With this new version of “Still In Love” we get a strong melodic sound that is perfect for a club atmosphere. What makes this song better than other club records is that this one is great no matter what setting you find yourself in. It has that crossover, sort of poppy, vibe to it that makes it fit any where any time. Digital Farm Animal are forcing your hand here, as you’re going to feel the necessity to put this one on repeat throughout the weekend. We must warn you though, if you thought the original was hard to get out of your head, this one is doubly so.

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