Planes (StevenLee & Carl Kennedy Remix) -- Jeremih feat. J. Cole

As you slowly make your way out of your most assuredly blacked out room, desperately trying to figure out what happened last night, throw on this laid back, vibe-heavy tune from StevenLee and Carl Kennedy. While it won’t help with that absurd amount of drunk texts you sent out, it will definitely contribute to your overall recovery.

The original tune had a strong focus on vocals, backed by a very minimal instrumental section of booming bass and sparse percussion. With that format, it’s easy to see why someone would want to pull samples and put them to a club-friendly house tune, which is exactly what we have today.

Featuring a funky bassline, strong hi-hats, and classic 90’s dance samples, “Planes,” leaves the Top 40 radio station and heads directly into the club. It pays thoughtful homage to the original, yet develops a strong persona of its own. And while it is dance-centric stylistically, this is definitely a relaxed tune, which makes it perfect for both night out and just chilling out in bed.

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