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Last time we covered the work of Daniel Goldstein, your ninja team was in the building as he delivered a previously-unreleased track “Midnight” during his 12:00 New Year’s set at Snowglobe. Despite the lack of coverage recently, make no mistake Lane 8 has been busy churning out contemporary hits with regularity. Over the past few months our favorite French Express / Anjunadeep collaborator has released a dual EP release in Crush/Divina, a summer mixtape, and a long awaited remix of deadmau5’s all-time classic “Strobe”. This week, he’s given us two surprises: a new release as well as details regarding a nationwide winter tour.

Lane 8’s latest tune “With Me” is constructed using the same formulaic structure that has made Lane 8 such a fan favorite. Following last year’s debut album Rise, he has continued to evolve his melodic, emotional, conceptual style of house. While without vocals in a traditional sense, “With Me” seems to tell a story full of twists and turns. Using lengthy instrumental builds, unique bass lines, and echoing succinct distorted vocal loops, Lane 8 keeps listeners engaged throughout. The story gradually comes to an end midway through the song – that is, until the next chapter abruptly resumes at the 4:12 mark.

From previous conversations with Daniel, we are familiar with his origination as well as the creativity he brings to his performances. Which brings us to another recent announcement of his worth mentioning, the This Never Happened tour. Lane 8 will be taking his talents on the road beginning November 3rd, with the hopes of creating an environment rarely seen in modern times – a phone and camera free performance where the barrier between artist and fan is blurred.

This experience we share together may, by 2016 standards, have never happened. But those who dare will always know – something special did happen here. – Lane 8

Fans can see Lane 8 on the “This Never Happened” Tour all over the country this fall and winter. Highlights of the tour include a November 3rd stop in Portland, a November 10th show in Washington DC, a November 12th performance in Denver, a December 8th set in LA, a December 10th concert in the Bay Area, and wrapping up with a December 17th gig in Chicago.

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