90 (Fred Falke Remix)

When Russian power-pop group Pompeya, decided to release the remix counterpart to their Tropical LP, we were immediately both ecstatic, but also a little wary that, as with many remix albums, the artists chosen may not best represent their sound and the original composer’s in a musically symbiotic manner. Well that slight sense of worry quickly morphed into an overwhelming sense of approval when the first single to make its way into the public’s stream of consciousness, was a remix of “90” from French-House luminary Fred Falke. Falke’s name has been one synonymous with that deft, French Touch house sound since the early 2000’s and in the process has seen him remix everyone from U2 to Grizzly Bear, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and even Selena Gomez, but as a listener my favorite work from the former bass player was always on more intimate, indie friendly numbers. The original, new-wave leaning guitar riff layed down by Pompeya remains largely intact but Fred Falke once again displays why he is perhaps the most sought after remixer at the moment, glossing up “90” with a set of bright pads and gleaming synths. The rest of the remix compilation is due out December 10 on No Shame Records, but you can purchase Fred Falke’s remix here.

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