Brooklyn’s Rich Furniss is back with friends Morsy and Andrew Charles for the house original “Desire.” Released on Quincy Boy Records, “Desire” is a song that feels like it could have been released at any time during house’s lifespan and still be a hit.

Inspired by classic sounds and 80’s undertones, the record’s tasteful production balances each collaborator’s own style without trying to overdo it. Sometimes a collaboration can feel like its trying to be more than the sum of its parts, but with “Desire” these three manage to achieve that through letting it happen. Of course, we can’t say how it actually came together – but “Desire” is one of those songs that feels just right, and that it was created with a certain flow that all involved tapped into organically.

The energy between Morsy, Buck and I was just natural when making “Desire,” I feel like a balance of all of us are in here. Since starting Rich Furniss in Sept. of 2021, I wouldn’t have envisioned things coming so far so quick or to have the support from bigger artists I love on my music. I am pumped about the future!” – Rich

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