Come Over ft. Sammy T
(Original Mix)

It’s been almost a year since we featured adept Denver house producer Eric David, so when his latest collaborative EP with Denver vocalist Sammy T, Purpose, got an official release yesterday, we had to check it out. Just as we thought, Eric David’s conjured up yet another crafty, technical, and accessible assemblage of club tunes. The standout single for us however was “Come On Over”. Pacing itself with a slow-burning yet head-thumping analog kick-drum , “Come Over” quickly falls in line behind a smooth and intoxicating bassline before Sammy T’s luscious vocal chords weave their way through David’s rolling soundscape. Furthering “Come Over”‘s addictive nature lie sprinkled guitar inflections layed down by Eric David himself, which on top of those other sticky elements result in a tune that truly bridges the sea between live vocal-driven pop and clean club-house. Stream “Come Over” above, be sure to scope out Eric David & Sammy T’s Purpose EP, and purchase the entire collaboration on iTunes here.

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