Beat The Sunrise Ft. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix)

We can feel it right now – Austin, Miami, and Indio are all peeking their heads around the corner, beckoning us with their sweet siren call. Yes, it’s only January, but as we’ve come to experience over the past few months, this time of the year moves fast, bringing us the much-anticipated festival season. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started building out your festie playlists. Rest assured, ninjas, this tune belongs in all those playlists.

Atlanta-based Halogen join a few other choice artists who landed official remixes SNBRN’s wildly popular “Beat The Sunrise.” Earlier today, we brought you a look at Gianni Kosta’s take, and now we’re set on highlighting this high energy interpretation. As we’ve come to expect from this fastly-rising duo, piano work comes into play in a characteristic fashion, dashing its way alongside a strong lead melody and those iconic vocals.

If we were betting ninjas, we would put our yen on Halogen having one hell of a 2016. Make sure to keep a close eye on them by following them on SoundCloud.

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