Snoop Dogg
Drop It Like Its Hot (The Golden Pony Remix)

We’ve been closely following NY’s favorite curly-haired dance export The Golden Pony for years now. While the pair have made their mark on tunes from artists as varied as Simon & Garfunkel, Avicii, Daft Punk, The Grateful Dead and Seinabo Sey; it has been their work revolving around hip-hop or R&B which has really moved us in the past. While it’s been a minute since The Golden Pony has taken on any rap ciphers, today they’re back with an uplifting indie-house groover in the form of a Snoop Dog “Drop It Like It’s Hot” remix. The pair plays off of Pharrell Williams & Snoop Dogg’s gangster feel with a buoyant melody anchored by the kind of hooky whistle that wouldn’t be too out of place on a Bob Sinclar record; but where Sinclar would lean in closer to pop structuring, The Golden Pony unleash a perfectly swung, rolling bassline to lend more than enough underground sensibility and groove to their vision. When pressed about their latest remix the pair remarked: “The beat of this track originally came from a remix we did for Hillary Duff’s track “Sparks”. We made an instrumental version, which we have been dropping in our dj sets over the summer. One time we dropped a Snoop acapella over it and some magic happened, so we decided to make a studio version of it!” We’re certainly glad they did. Enjoy The Golden Pony’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” remix above.

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