Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut)

Need a funky tune for the weekend? X.X.T has just that with the act’s sophomore single “Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut).” This tune is really unforgettable, whether you like it or not. Chances are, you’ll dig.

“Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut)” is a monster of a track that comes out of left-field in every way. It moves between styles like it’s nothing, even going so far as dropping some half-time beats later in the track as a nice little surprise. There’s something classic about this tune, whether it’s the production style, or the actual composition; no matter what it is, X.X.T has a timeless tune on their hands. Their fun-fueled single is matched by the group’s branding, which is sure to turn some heads as they continue to unravel the project moving forward. They’re on our radar, and shortly they’ll be on yours.

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