Alesso ft. Roy English
Cool (Autograf Remix)

We’ve been riding along on Autograf‘s steady output of sticky sweet house music from their humble beginnings cranking out melodic remixes, to what has now blossomed into a complete live electronic act -and one of the hottest in dance music for that matter. Lately, the trio has been taken on slightly more substantial fare, with a worthy debut original “Dream”, and the latest offering from our dear friends sees a bit of French Touch bubbling to the surface as they’ve reworked Alesso’s Roy English featuring single “Cool”. While the original may be better suited to lavish and excessive EDM club settings, Autograf carries “Cool” into another niche altogether. Alesso’s anthemic grand piano line is pulled back ever so delicately, while waltzing behind a beautifully modulated synth line to create an extremely effective and utterly groovy take on the original. Whether you’re cruising down a sunny highway, taking it in at a rooftop party or devouring this one during peak hour; Autograf’s remix of “Cool” functions brilliantly.

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