Jason Burns & Sarah Winters
Lightweight (Dr. Fresch Remix)

While many of our proverbial Ninjas out there may be familiar with house slinger Dr. Fresch‘s more directed style of blending the classic, future, deep and ghetto corners of house music into a cohesive and recognizable sound; most recently on tunes like his remix of Carmada’s “Maybe”, and Gucci Mane’s “Pillz”, today we rather find the So-Cal club shaker in the midst of revealing yet another aspect to an ongoing musical evolution. On this latest offering,  Dr. Fresch ushers Jason Burns & Sarah Winters‘ “Lightweight” towards a melodic sea of progressively tuned dance synths which resonate beautifully on the load-bearing backbone of deep-house foundation; but still manages to appeal to both our affinity for catchy pop and forward thinking tastemaking desires. When pressed about his latest remix, Dr. Fresch stated: “ …I wanted my remix to be representative of my dirty club house style, but also carry a similar vibe and feel to the original. This might be one of my favorite remixes of mine to date because of how I was able to contrast light and dark elements of my sound so well…” We could go on about those clashing melancholy aural electronic elements played against an upbeat, danceable background, but we’d rather just let you listen instead. And for our friends looking to expand their music libraries, be sure to grab a free download of Dr. Fresch’s “Lightweight” remix here through Love & Other and Echelon Artist Collective.

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