Digital Farm Animals
Only Love Can Save Us

London based producer Nick Gale, whose Digital Farm Animals solo project has shown a deft versatility clearly missed by hoards of pigeonholed electronic producers, last arose from a release slumber a month back wielding a new single “Didn’t Know”. On the heels of the Yasmin featuring dancefloor dart, we were also promised a steady stream of new music and luckily for us, Digital Farm Animals has held up his end of the bargain by dropping another nod to club jams, “Only Love Can Save Us”. Landing somewhere between club-house burner and  indie-dance diamond, “Only Love Can Save Us” offers yet another revealing glimpse into the full spectrum of Digital Farm Animal’s musical gaze. The second the tune’s opening synth progression lays an airy foundation, we were filled with a nostalgic teenage yearning before a carefully placed kick-drum comes careening in to establish a more danceable cadence while carrying us back to the ground. It certainly looks to be a breakout year for Digital Farm Animals, and we’ll gleefully be consuming every morsel along the way.

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