Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

With every passing release, the snowball turned avalanche that is LA house and indie-dance ace SNBRN seems to somehow garner even more momentum. Coming off of highly trafficked original single “Raindrops”, the dance-hit molding son of So-Cal again drops by TMN with a welcome return to the remix world in the form of a “sunset-house” take on the 1982 Marvin Gaye single that launched a million children: “Sexual Healing”. SNBRN takes Gaye’s sultry soul ballad straight into his addictive realm of House production through a directed, floor shaking bassline and mindfully plucked vocal chops; creating a fusion between the past and present that simply has us shaking our hips in vigorous approval. If we were the betting types of Ninjas, we’d wager that this one is about to go on a viral tear to coincide with the impending waves of Summer (at least here in the States).  In regards to this latest release, SNBRN gave us a little more insight:  “This track has been a staple in my live sets for months now. I wanted to create something super funky and upbeat, but still have that soul to it. For a long time the instrumental had no hook, until one night I started cutting up old 80’s records and found the perfect fit…”  We think he’s found the perfect fit as well. Stream SNBRN’s remix of “Sexual Healing” above, and please, try to contain yourselves.

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