Finding those rare, unsigned tunes brimming with quality and precision has been a vital part of the music industry’s publication side since music publicity even became a viable industry. Thus, it makes this writer all warm and fuzzy when we come across a carefully crafted slice of house music seemingly out of the blue. The tune in question this morning is “Skippy”, an effervescent piece of soulful, instrumental house, and the debut record from D.C. based DJ and producer zacheser. Having been on our radar since his #FatBeats mix series became a regular staple of this writer’s dance diet, “Skippy” marks zacheser’s departure into more production-driven territory, and it’s looking like it will be a great thing for underground dance fans. “Skippy” rides on a feelgood bed of pulsating synths, underpinned by a brooding bass swell and glossy pad work to create a tune equally consumable while driving down the highway or stepping out some footwork in the clubs. Enough from us though, it’s Monday. Let’s just kick back and let zacheser’s “Skippy” do its work.

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