John Newman
Love Me Again (david dann Remix)

Los Angeles via New York producer David Dann has maintained a unique competence within electronic production, which in turn has fostered a rare ability to float seamlessly from one dance genre to the next, with highly acclaimed results. An artist whom the famed L.A. Weekly publication once dubbed “The Rebel Without a Label” now helms his own imprint Mind of A Genius Records (or more simply MOAG) while also somehow managing to find time to craft a multitude of original releases and remixes. Previously Dann has dabbled within reworks of The xx, Lana Del Ray and Banks to some superlative results, but his latest take on John Newman’s “Love Me Again” pulled at us like none of his previous body of work had before. Dann’s adaptation is bouncy in nature, but toned down with a low end, house-centric bass line to subdue the movement just enough; incredibly heightening the tune’s versatility. Dann’s pop production sensibility -which so many electronic producers of this generation typically lack- turns “Love Me Again” into an infectious dance hall melody with enough weight to be consumed in any circumstance. Whether it’s in the shower, car, in your headphones or getting your swoll’ on, we think “Love Me Again” will fit into your day just perfectly. Grab the free download here.

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