If you’re not all about The Block Society, you better get it together. Their roster includes some of the dopest bass heads in the game, including LEViT∆TE. who put together an EP with Seattle’s Justin Hartinger for the Atlanta based collective. Their Darknet EP may just be the sickest project that has come out this week.

Justin and LEViT∆TE. collaborated on three tracks for this project, whose hip-hop infused electronic beats vary in style, but not in quality. Every song on here is fire through and through. They start off with “Entity,” whose progression from beginning to end is nothing but incredible. The dark and groovy single “Gunshot” comes next with its twerk sensibilities. Be sure to have some nice booties around when you play this one, because they will be shaking. The title track closes out the project with its own unique sound that shows why these two producers are some of the most creative on the scene. If you would like to purchase Darknet, you may do so through Bandcamp.

’Justin Hartinger & LEViT∆TE – Entity’
’LEViT∆TE & Justin Hartinger – Gunshot’
’LEViT∆TE & Justin Hartinger – Darknet’
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