All Over The Place

If you’re into dance music, then the name Nadia Ali should instantly catch your eye. She’s collaborated on big hits, but is now kicking things up in a different direction with a new project. We’re proud to present HYLLS and the premiere of her debut single “All Over The Place.”

HYLLS is not going to be exactly what you’re used to from Nadia, otherwise this would be released under that project. No, HYLLS is Nadia’s exploration of sound, taking her to new territories like “All Over The Place” did. With this debut single she cooked up a soulful pop jam that we couldn’t pass up. It’s exactly something you’d expect to hear a million times on the radio, but not mind the constant airplay of it. HYLLS is refreshing, smooth and captivating. “All Over The Place” is just step one in this new direction. Enjoy the first listen and stay tuned for more from HYLLS!

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