Crash Landing

Denver’s ill-esha has started to unveil her Wordless EP, with the second single, “Crash Landing,” being available for a first listen through this Music Ninja Premiere. Her take on future is unique and off-the-wall in the best way possible. She has a sort of trippy, ethereal vibe that penetrates her productions, which is just what we get with “Crash Landing.”

With the second single off Wordless, ill-esha offers up a more atmospheric tune than the title track. The style fits just in line with her Hebinomichi crew, who are some of the best underground producers in the game. ill-esha’s holding her own and even surpassing a lot of the future bass fellas that are trying to establish themselves in the genre. “Crash Landing” is an example of her sound that is anything but watered down, as well as an example of her acoustic sensibilities. She’s more than just a producer, and you’ll get a sense of that with this song. Stream it here first, and get yourself ready for the full Wordless EP to come out in the near future.

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