Today, The Music Ninja is pleased to introduce All Eyes, an indie rock band from Minneapolis. Though each of the band’s members had previously been involved in one project or another over the years — their lead singer Alicia Wiley actually began in the jazz pop world and has five solo albums under her belt — here they are now, a four-piece with a penchant for dark, dreamy music. And we couldn’t be more excited to premiere their new song.

“Lost You Once” is a beautiful and ghostly plea, with its subtle synths humming and weaving in the background and Wiley’s breathy, aching vocals leading the way throughout the entire track. It’s deeply emotional as much as it is magical; I can almost imagine her cautiously mouthing the lyrics, the words slipping slowly off her lips along with every ounce of her vulnerability.

“Lost You Once” is off the band’s forthcoming debut album Shelf Life.

’All Eyes – Lost You Once’

(Photo Credit: Darin Back)

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